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8U-10U - June 17-20, 2021
11U-13U - June 15-20, 2021

Who's Coming

TravelBall Select National Championships

Personally invited.
Highly competitive.
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The premier elite week
for youth travel baseball teams!

  • Elizabethtown Sports Park
  • 8U, 9U and 10U teams - June 17-20, 2021
    • 5 Game Guarantee
  • 11U, 12U and 13U teams - June 15-20, 2021
    • 6 Game Guarantee
  • 12 Brand New Turf Fields
  • Hand Selected Teams
  • Opportunity to be Ranked
Baseball player stealing third
TbS Team Photo


  • Division




  • 8U
    Champion: Viper Baseball (AL)
    Runner-Up: Motor City Hitdogs (MI)
  • 9U
    Champion: Southern Finest (LA)
    Runner-Up: WFBA Hammerheads (FL)
  • 10U
    Champion: Banditos Black (TX)
    Runner-Up: Ohio City Baseball (OH)
  • 11U
    Champion: ZT Prospects (CA)
    Runner-Up: Traction Canes (LA)
  • 12U
    Champion: East Cobb Astros (GA)
    Runner-Up: ZT Elite (CA)
  • 13U
    Champion: FL Dodgers Scout (FL)
    Runner-Up: East Cobb Astros (GA)


  • 10U
    Champion: Dingers Athletics (GA)
    Runner-Up: Meredian Panthers (GA)
  • 11U
    Champion: Stars Futures (VA)
    Runner-Up: Banditos (TX)
  • 12U
    Champion: Club All Star (CA)
    Runner-Up: Canes SE (GA)
  • 13U
    Champion: East Cobb Astros Orange (GA)
    Runner-Up: Twelve (TX)


  • 8U
    Champion: Bigstix Gamers (GA)
    Runner-Up: Meridian Panthers (GA)
  • 9U
    Champion: SBA Futures (NC)
    Runner-Up: MVP (CA)
  • 10U
    Champion: I am Baseball (FL)
    Runner-Up: SBA Futures (NC)
  • 11U
    Champion: Kangaroo Court (FL)
    Runner-Up: Bandits (GA)
  • 13U
    Champion: Twelve (TX)
    Runner-Up: Louisville Sting (KY)
  • 13U
    Champion: Homeplate Chilidogs (GA)
    Runner-Up: 5 Star West Florida (FL)


  • 13U
    Champion: East Cobb Astros (GA)
    Runner-Up: Louisiana Sox (LA)
  • 12U
    Champion: Team Xtreme (FL)
    Runner-Up: South Dekalb Tribe (GA)
  • 11U
    Champion: East Cobb Astros (GA)
    Runner-Up: Louisville Sting (KY)
  • 10U
    Champion: OP Sox (GA)
    Runner-Up: East Cobb Astros (GA)
  • 9U
    Champion: MVP Hustle (CA)
    Runner-Up: Kennesaw Generals (GA)
  • 8U
    Champion: NTX Eagles (TX)
    Runner-Up: The Club Red (GA)

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